Prostate Cancer for Dummies-Part 2: the PSA

Can you discuss prostate cancer without mentioning PSA? No, you cannot. Two years ago I shared an article on Richard Ablin, who discovered the Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) forty years ago. Ablin, the father of the famous test, believes that the medical profession has turned it  into a monster. While this is an exaggeration, PSA testing and screening has certainly changed the landscape of prostate cancer beyond recognition. And it may have created more problems than it has solved.

prostatacancer Læring-Mestring

This is the PowerPoint slide I always show when I give lectures for prostate cancer patients: PSA, the superhero among the cancer markers? Yes indeed. There is simply no other tumor marker around that gives you a better picture of therapy success or failure (what is PSA?). Continue reading